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Because is a new and different place where you, as a professional salesperson (Financial, Real Estate, Outside salesman, MLM person, etc.) will find:


  • Basic and advanced sales principles
  • Profitable and great sales experiences from others 
  • Professional and advanced sales self-assessments
  • Powerful tips. Just one of them could change your story!
  • Consulting and coaching services
  • And much more!

And all this to help and support you to plan, act and reach your financial, personal and family goals.

FREE QUIZ (Self-assessment)

Play our 8 minutes quiz to find out your efficiency in your main sale steps; and based on your own real numbers know where you stand on your sales business.

Then you will be able to compare against your time, money and efforts you are investing in.

With this information you can plan, act and seriously go and get your dreams!.


Once login, you can go over the 3 blocks quiz:


  • First block is related to Prospecting and Presenting 
  • Second block is oriented to know about the ATTITUDE you have towards your sales business
  • Third block you have to answer numerically. That way you will get a graphic with your own and main sale numbers.


Read the sales tips slowly... just one idea can fire you up to increase your closing rate (and income) to a higher level!

Why a Professional Self-Assessment?

Going through our 25 minutes Professional Self-Assessment (PSA), you will discover an X-Ray of all of your productive activities on your business: Prospecting, Presenting, Service, Performance and Projection.


Just by increasing your performance 10% on each of these 5 stages, you can easily double your sales within the next 3 months!

What are the benefits going over the PSA?

The most important benefit:

Know if your TIME, SKILLS, and MONEY are well invested on what you are performing... AND with the results you can prepare a BUSINESS PLAN that fit your desired new lifestyle, to enjoy it along with your loved ones.

Also, when you get your results, send us an Email and ask for your Income Projection Table, where you can project your desired weekly, monthly and yearly sales commission-generated income.

Preparation for the Professional Self-Assessment

  1. Gather the last 12 months of your income derived from sales commissions
  2. Look for a quiet place with no distractions
  3. Be ready with your Visa or Master Card . We also accept (And recommend) Paypal. Redeem your coupon code, if applicable

Premium Benefits and Pricing

Click the orange blinking-button located at any Proactivec page, and read your benefits according to the kind of evaluation you are interested in.


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Welcome on board!

Thank you for your visit and welcome to our PROACTIVEC community. Here a brief story of Sales Coach Edgar Mesina Reyes:

He was born in Colima, Mexico. He graduated in Industrial Electronics at CeRETI of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He taught Electronics for about 11 years and change his career to sell insurance for another 11 years.

Edgar took and moderated a LUTC insurance group in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Also, he is a Certified Coach from CCF in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

He lives in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada and helps Professional salespersons to reach their financial and personal goals.



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